Thursday, June 23, 2011

the 3D shoot

was hilarious
imagine this:
me in an indian orange & elephant jumper, with a stuffed animal strapped to my ribcage to simulate a pregnant belly.
imagine Jacob with a cardboard robot costume covering his torso. imagine him punching me in my pregnant stuffed animal belly.
i'm down on the ground screaming because his blow managed to induce premature labor. i'm screaming 'I'M HAVING MY BABY'. imagine Nate, the equipment manager & all around awesome film guy, walks into the black box mid-scene. imagine his surprise :)

as far as technicalities go, I think we did alright. Palmer ensured that our cameras were on matching settings and placed on the table for optimum anaglyphness.
i kind of wish we had paid more attention to blocking.
we did give it some attention, but not the amount of attention that it deserved. I realized this in post when the scenes that were blocked more intricately, with a foreground, middleground, & background, were most successfully 3D.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PinholePix Hey hey


It seems that I'm unable to upload our animation 'HorseRadish'
Hopefully I will have more luck with our 3D shoot blooper reel :)
Yeah look forward to that one!

jeez 23 pages of sound jargon

I learned almost a year ago exactly how to appreciate sound. A certain Shannon Silva taught me how. We would sit silently in her classroom with the lights out and our heads down, and just listen. listen so hard it nearly hurt. but it could hurt so good.. especially when you began to hear shoes scuffing on carpet fibers, and zipper pulls quickly and barely hit up against their accompanying zipper chain.

...My mother needs my help with something, be right back.